It’s 11:17 But I Didn’t Forget…

So my original plan had been to write a wonderful post today.

But I was sick. And very busy.

As I prepared myself for sleep, laying in bed with the lights turned off it occurred to me that today was the first day of my 30 day blogging challenge…a challenge that was over before it ever began if I didn’t at least pull my phone out and write something.

So here it is. Through a headache, nausea, and sleep-blurred vision, I give you this post.

That is all.



One thought on “It’s 11:17 But I Didn’t Forget…”

  1. This post was written at 11:17 pm on May 1st. I forgot to categorize it so it was listed under “uncategorized.” When I changed that this morning the timestamp changed to say May 2nd. I am upset by this, so I am leaving a comment to let everyone know…I wrote this on May 1st.


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